“We Would Never Ask You To Walk A Mile In Our Shoes. No one Deserves This…”

Come and join us down the illness rabbit hole. Where we will share our journeys through this life as ill and disabled people in an abled world.
We met through a mutual commitment, fighting for children of Vietnam Veterans whose medical issues are attributed to or presumed to be from their parents exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Through our activism a friendship grew. Together we are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

and that was the thing about her. 
she kept on surviving.
with bullet holes in her lungs, 
and knife marks etched in her back.
she never let anything get in her way.
a fighter.
not by choice.
but a warrior by heart.

Let’s share what it’s like to live in a world that isn’t made for the disabled. We will be taking you along on our journeys honestly & bravely.

If you’d like to become a contributor please message us. We are looking for people who have to overcome multiple obstacles everyday, in order to navigate through this world. You will need to maintain a regularly scheduled blog and be willing to share courageously.

Just Another Badass Warrior