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  • dog [ dawg, dog ] noun
  • faithful companion, snuggle buddy, depression buster, biggest fan, gentle caretaker, hiking partner, emergency alert system, unconditional love bug, never-let-a-crumb remain on the floor vacuum, best friend, squirrel chasing, unfailing hero, personal trainer, fierce protector, motivational coach, alarm clock, doorbell, official guest greeter, sled puller, chicken wrangler, hole digger
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I’ve been sitting here trying to handle everything that comes when I have multiple appointments coming up, in Massachusetts. Fuel, someone to drive & help me, do I need to spend the night, etc… It has me thinking about the first time I went, how it began & what it’s like to feel like your medical care is strung together by a thin thread that you are trying to hold together.

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LET’S GO BACK PART VII: Waiting On Insurance

“It’s such a web that’s weaved. Each individual silk line slowly forming a web that those with an illness must live within”

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