Trust me when I say, “I already judge myself”. Your judgmental services are not needed.

That picture online took 3 secs to stand, smile & snap. You judged me on those 3 secs.

Self-judgement comes in moments when I look in the mirror and can not recognize the face looking back. When just brushing my hair in the mirror makes me cry.

It creeps up on me when I think about everyone else working their asses off to pay my medical costs, on top of the household expenses.

In those dark hours when pain has me paralyzed and I can’t get out of bed, there it is, SELF-JUDGEMENT.

On those sleepless nights, I toss, turn & tango with insomnia. My mind doesn’t take me to happy places. It takes me to the depths of darkness. Fast forwarding through an entire recap of every single sad, infuriating, embarrassing, stressful, memory it can find.

I have to appeal to my stronger side and battle self-judgement daily. I battle in the court of my self-esteem. I battle through pain. I battle through sadness. I battle through fear. I just keep on battling.

I have earned every single bit of the armor I now wear. It protects me and I am not afraid to gear up and ready my horses for battle.

This is my burden, the price I pay if I want to live. If I want those brilliantly happy moments. If I want to feel like I’m relevant in this world.

You judge what you know nothing about.

So 🤬 off with your judgement & keep 🤬ing off!

I’m a badass Warrior. I will fill my heart with joy. I will not lose this war. Nor will I let bitterness consume me. I will judge myself fairly & compassionately.

You don’t fill my cup of faith, you don’t lift me up in positivity & light, you damn sure don’t pay my bills, & I’m betting you have your own flaws & battles you should be worrying about.

I will walk in faith & go where God leads me. Some will see my cursing as contradictory to my faith. I say God has far more important work to do than worry about a few F-💣’s unleashed in frustration.

Like it or not your words today, led me to say 🤬 right the 🤬off.

Judge me?

I think you need to take your gavel & shove it…

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