I am a writer, musician, poet, show host, director, producer and radio/TV history buff. I am learning to overcome the traumas I have faced in my life through using my gifts of gab, whether in the written or spoken word or online. I hope to change lives with what I write, and to inspire others, whether it be to seek help, or find their tribe, or to simply let go of a situation that is affecting them negatively. Positivity and brightness are what I aim for, and though this aim is not always straight and true, it is nevertheless moving forward toward the ultimate goal. Much love and Godspeed.

“Don’t give up. Don’t EVER give up.”
– Jim Valvano
I am a mother of 3 wonderful children and rescue dogs. I am on a healing journey from childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and domestic violence in an intimate partner/long term marriage.
If you are going through the same thing or know someone; I’m sorry…but…please know we have a voice and story to tell and we will survive and we will thrive!
I am happiest when I can share my story to give others hope, validation, and encouragement as we move from victim to survivor to thriver. We have a story to tell and need to be heard.

“I am here. We are here. Hear our voices loud and clear. We are silent no more.”

Just Another Badass Warrior

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