For many, Mother’s Day comes with conflicting emotions, triggered by all of the Hallmark-esque, posts, & comments of perfect children, perfect mothers, & perfect lives.

They Wait”, is my attempt to speak the truth about Motherhood. Being a mother is exciting, joyous & full of unconditional, perfect love. It’s also scary, painful, and often leaves you feeling inadequate & defeated.

They Wait

I thought being a mother was my favorite job, until I became a grandmother.


Remember those who may be hurting today. A phone call, a visit, or a hug might be exactly what they need to get through the day.

Honor the wonderful Moms you know. It is one of the toughest jobs since creation.


  1. Mother’s wait?
    I wanted my mother to be a mother when I was a child. When I’m not a child I have no need of a mother. Is this not the way it should be? Should I love her for other than the lovely person she now is? Does she still have need of me as a mother? I never thought of that.


    1. A mothers love is unending.

      My kids are in their 30’s, not a day goes by I don’t think of them & pray they continue to grow & thrive.

      When a child’s mental health separates you from them, no matter their age, it’s heart wrenching. Mothers never lose the desire to ease their child’s pain. Even when the child is incapable of seeing that their pain is hers.

      This is in regards to mothers who are loving, & respect their adult Children’s lives, choices & boundaries.

      We owe our mothers nothing. We also owe them everything.


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