• dog [ dawg, dog ] noun
  • faithful companion, snuggle buddy, depression buster, biggest fan, gentle caretaker, hiking partner, emergency alert system, unconditional love bug, never-let-a-crumb remain on the floor vacuum, best friend, squirrel chasing, unfailing hero, personal trainer, fierce protector, motivational coach, alarm clock, doorbell, official guest greeter, sled puller, chicken wrangler, hole digger

Have you ever been so low, so consumed by darkness & pain that it seemed like nothing could pull you out of it?

I have and it’s horrific. A feeling of such misery that you just can’t, you are barely breathing. The pain is winning & the darkness is growing.

Now in these moments, many who love you will desperately try everything to snap you out of it. They will reach for you in the darkness and no matter how much you want to you can not reach back.

Then that silly faced, slobbering ball of fur, jumps on your bed, pulls at your blankets, places their paw upon your face, & tiny rays of light start to burst through that veil of darkness.

All the energy you expelled trying to reach back to your family & friends is not needed with your fur baby. They require nothing in return, they just want to love & serve you. As you look into their eyes and your mind tells you to just stay in the darkness, you are placed under the spell of a 4 legged, relentless dog. Your smile is effortless.

Purest love 🐾

You know that no matter what you say or how much you try and ignore them, they will not give up. They want you to get up & be happy. They want to walk, eat, play, love & be loved. They are your spark in the dreaded abyss of pain.

They don’t ask for much. Pet me, play with me, feed me, walk me, it’s the basics in life that they desire. But they give you so much more. My dogs have saved me from complete shut down due to pain that triggered my PTSD & led to depression, more times then I care to remember.

What is it about our dogs? What is this sorcery that they possess? How did they gain such power over our emotions? To be honest, I don’t know & I don’t care. #Grateful #Blessed

My tether to the world.

I am so completely obsessed with my dogs pure love for me. There is nothing that can pull me from the brink of insanity, faster than my dogs. I love them far more than words can say.

Feeling down? Get yourself some canine therapy. 🐾

5 thoughts on “MY DOGS”

    1. I am currently attempting to take one of our dogs through training to become a service dog. She’s rambunctious so it’s a process. But I’m feeling hopeful we will get there!

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