It sucks to finally save a tiny bit of money to go do something fun with the start of spring & then need a procedure 2 states away! Suddenly you have to spend said money & more on getting there & a hotel. Welcome to my “Spring Break”.

This week I’m having a procedure through Colonoscopy. Since my intestines don’t work properly, I have to do a 3 day prep. I have to drive over 2 hours to get to the hospital. There is no way I could do the prep and ride all that way. No one could unless their vehicle has a bathroom!

I will be prepping for 3 days. On Sunday I had to double my IBS medication. Which meant spending all evening in my bathroom.

Monday I drive to Boston for testing. Afterwards I head to the hotel. It costs roughly $149/night with the hotels hospital patient, discount. On arrival I have to continue the prep by drinking an entire 10oz bottle of magnesium citrate, (a saline laxative). For those who don’t follow my journey, I have a g-tube & depend on my pumped nutrition for my nutrients. I am very underweight at 5’7 & around 100lbs. I forgot to pack my extension tubes. Which means I have to drink the mixes. I can not push it directly into my g-tube. This is a HUGE challenge for me, as swallowing is very difficult. I choke a lot. I did manage to get the MC in, without choking or vomiting. They lie, the grape flavor does not mask the horrible taste. This leads to even more bathroom fun.

Tuesday I wake up shaky & exhausted & unable to connect or express my thoughts. I’ve been on broth, water, ginger ale, & a jello diet since Sunday at 8 pm. Around 36 hours without my nutrition. I prepare the Colyte prep. At 4 pm I begin drinking. It actually goes fairly well & I finish it within the recommended time. Here we go back to the bathroom adventures.

Wednesday I am up at 5am to finish the other half of the Colyte. It’s a little more difficult. I manage to finish it all. I only had a few trips to the bathroom before I left for the hospital.

When I arrive at the hospital, I’m freezing. The nurse was amazing. She was very kind & helped me with anything I needed. She kept bringing me warm blankets. She was everything I needed, in that moment.

Let’s do this!

The CNA came in and took my blood pressure. Then she asked the nurse to give it a try, because it was so low. I reassure her that this happens to me & my doctors are currently trying to figure it out. The nurse checks it and says, its 86/48 that’s terrible. No wonder you feel so weak and miserable. She started my IV and I was all set for the procedure.

I reassured the anesthesiologist I’d be out cold in seconds. My body will crash into a peaceful bliss. The last thing I remember is my doctor’s smiling face asking if I’m comfortable & saying my BP was back up. Boom out like a light.

When I wake up they tell me everything went great! Good to hear for once! I’m happy that it’s over and I can put that behind me. Once I’m able to get up and walk a little bit, I am able to start discharge process.

Who doesn’t love a new bracelet?

It’s great to go back to the hotel, get some nutrition in me & rest. When I wake up there’s still some day left. So I spend some quality time with my granddaughter. I’m not feeling 100%, but I will fight through & have some fun.

She is laughing and wants to take some photos to save as good memories from our week. I love that, despite a horrible few days, she bounces right into fun mode. We laughed and I leaned on her for some hysterical photos. We made those awkward poses look brilliant. I’m always in awe of how strong and healthy I can look in the quick snap of a camera! The next day we used our free museum passes and then went back to the hotel early. I had to get a lot more rest, before heading home in the morning.

Lean on me…

It sucks to spend all that money for a week at a hotel for a medical procedure. It sucks to go through the prep & procedure. But to end on a happy note was everything & really gave me so much joy. That 1 day out of 5, completely filled my strength tank up, & it’ll carry me through until the next medical setback.

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