What do you do?
When you know you need to move?
Move that body
Get in the groove

Weighed down with a sweater
of suffering of the past
Fear of happiness taken away
is a pattern that comes up fast

Take that sweater off now
Easier said than done
You know it weighs you down
It is hard to move on

Please do not be afraid of them
They no longer have control
Believe in yourself
Be your own encouraging patrol

It is time you see
For that hurt sweater to leave
You are safe and free
Controlling you; they won’t achieve

So long, heavy sweater, I say
You are going back to the ones
Who placed fear in you all those days
back to where you came from

Heavy sweater is gone; I declare
Stained with ugliness and cruelty
the sweater is theirs to wear
It was never yours; please believe

Put on the new T-shirt
filled with love, peace and safety
No more threats, fear and hurt
This one; open with human liberty

Know you matter
Lighter and free
So long heavy sweater
It’s time to be me

Time to leave heavy sweater …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

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