The first day of Spring is here
Signs of rebirth all around
Time for newness cheer
Telling myself; be strong

Trying so hard
To not live in fear
Carrying that soul shard
Year after year

Like the crocus through the snow
no one can defeat you
Even though soul pain won’t go
show your colors; yellow and blue

It is okay to feel the pain
but don’t let it bury you
This is not your stain
Give it back to those men you knew

Be like the crocus on this spring day
Emerge through the stomped on snow
Head poking up to the sun and play
Smile; you survived and they will go

Remember these words
Feel your feelings and set them free
like the the crocus and the birds
Stand tall like the strong oak tree

You made it, my dear
It is okay, you see
They tried to bury you
No longer; you are free.

Be not afraid to shine
I know they took part of you away
but now it is your time
You are safe; laugh and play

A beautiful life is ahead
Please do not hide anymore
You are safe now; time for onward
as a crocus and bird; time to soar

Breaking through …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

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