Two steps forward, one step back
It’s a new day; do what you can
Put that smile on your face; stay on track
Weakening you is his plan

That man who was my husband for so long
is playing his cards to feel the power
He does not want me to be strong
He wants me to weaken and cower

I know his evil and sick plan
Take things away from me
So, I have nothing left to withstand
How did I marry such an evil man?

Sitting here, I know why
I saw something off in him
I saw something missing in his eyes
I thought; I know I will help him

Now, I realize we are not the same
Taking from others is what he does
It is all for his selfish game
Don’t ask why; he’ll just say because

It is mind boggling to think
I had children with this man
When all the time he was at his brink
I was just his 3 night stand

So, what to do?
Be grateful for what I have now
Stay strong, plan and pursue
I will continue to grow

Cannot look back
Easier said then done
I’ll stay on track
Another survival fight has just begun

Face towards the sun
I feel the peaceful glow
Removing shackles of you has begun
Free to be me; no more eggshells as I grow

To me, I view you as gone
This is what I need to do
Being strong on my own
Welcome peaceful world; I see you.

Freedom: we are on our way …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

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