Silently suffering through the years
at what dad did
You walk around in numbed fear
as mom didn’t listen to words you said

You go through growing years at home
avoiding dad all the time
Trauma; your body is its home
Trying so hard to live through this crime

So, years go by trying to fit in
Acting like all is fine to all
Feeling damaged; still displaying a grin
Wandering empty in high school hall

People gathered in their clique packs
as you pretend all is good
Cannot let anyone know your damaged cracks
walking so lonely to lunch; time for food

Bell rings; school day is over now
Hop on the bus, sitting in the middle row
Smile on your face; all for show
Pain inside; trying so hard to grow

Bus stops; door opening
Time to get out; day is over
Gather your books; still hoping
there is more to life; no more trembling

Don’t you see; you were doing your best
The human spirit wants to live
Brain and heart knowing it’s all a mess
Family at home in denial; no protection to give

You are a strong one
Your spirit survived in despite
Now, go help others who are shunned
You know secrets are the ones that need the light

Peace in heart and soul
Is what I leave you with today
You were never a fool
It was them; still doing it today

Thank goodness you are here
You know people out there need help
You know that damage and fear
Time to help them live; no longer on the shelf

Spirit: keep going

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

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