Imagine being a young girl,
so excited about her dreams
Imagine a young girl,
her father shattered her dreams

Imagine being a young girl,
numb and shocked at what her Dad did.
What her Dad did to her,
things her brain knew were to forbid

Imagine this young girl growing into her teen years
Imagine this teen, feeling like damaged goods
You see, the young girl told her mom that year.
Her mom said, “Dad thought you were me”… so you see, it is all good.

Ugh! It’s sickening, the young girl said to herself.
Now, she goes through school with her head down low
People ask her, what’s wrong with her sense of self
The young girl is anxious and sad; she wants to grow

She feels like an outsider looking in
She sees friends happy and free
She hears their stories of their boyfriends
The young girl thinks, my dad crossed the family truth tree

So, she goes through her teenage years, fighting to stay alive
She knows in her soul, it wasn’t her fault
But why can’t her mother see that her husband stole her years to live
This is a crime; it is assault

So, years go by, and the young girl fights to live
She focuses on her studies and knows one day she’ll be free
Numb every day with emptiness as she tries a smile to give
A smile so people who try to care will let her be

So, that’s the story right now
This is enough for today
I’m here with you now
Thank god they didn’t take your spirit away.

… your spirit will survive

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

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