Today I went grocery shopping. Seems simple, right? Well it’s not. Going shopping alone is crazy hard.

It starts with the dirty looks when I get the motorized wheelchair. The rude looks and even comments continue throughout the store. I’m blocking the aisle, why am I wearing a mask, if you can stand to reach that, why can’t you walk, it’s never ending. Thankfully most people are genuinely kind & patient. I mean seriously, do you know how hard it is to steer those bus size scooters through an aisle full of people and displays?!!

Before I continue, can we talk about those scooters? They are huge, half the time they’re not fully charged and I do not weigh enough to activate the sensor. So mine always stop & go, stop & go. I have to do a little bounce so my ass sets off the sensor. 😂

Ok back to shopping. I have Raynauds & it’s pretty bad. If I get slightly cold, my hands & feet take the worst of it. It’s very painful. It makes it difficult to do much with my hands and standing is painful. It makes shopping take twice as long.

I can rock a costume party. My mittens aren’t out of place, even in spring 🌸

There are two types of Raynaud’s, primary & secondary. Primary usually occurs at a younger age, with no other auto immune diagnosis. It’s less serious and not usually painful. Secondary occurs with an underlying disease, often a condition that attacks connective tissue. It can come in in sudden, painful attacks. It can be serious and lead to amputations. I have Raynaud’s secondary to my Scleroderma.

When I go to the grocery store I go prepared. I’m ready to bundle up in layers like I’m about to hike Everest. I look ridiculous in my coat, hat, & mittens. By the time I get to the register, I’m shaking like crazy & it’s difficult to get out my cards to pay. Tapping the screen to put in the PIN number is torture.

Once I get the car loaded, I have to sit and wait for my hands and feet to warm. I suffer through the tingling & pain that comes with the thaw. Heated seats are the best invention since heated blankets!

Humor really is the best medicine.

By the time I start my car, I’m exhausted and thinking about how I still need to go home & put it all away. Weird thing is, after going through all of this, it’s still a great feeling to accomplish something on my own! I thank God for giving me the strength and I drive home. The road to victory was painful, but the victory was sweet!

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