Once upon a time,
there was a young girl,
filled with dreams all the time
Til that night all changed for the young girl.

You see, he was her first protector.
You see, he was there to care for her.
What did he do?
The most horrible thing one can do.

The young girl went to his room,
as her other protector instructed her to do.
You see, the young girl was being groomed
from a young age to please; can’t say no.

Her life was forever changed as the young girl left that room.
She told her other protector what he did.
The other protector just said, “oh, he thought you were me in that room.”
The young girl changed that day as she said,
to herself: I am on my own. No one understands, but, I will find a way to survive, and she did.

But she is not the same
It still haunts her
Family members ask her to remain the same
Which means stay quiet, and be there to care

The young girl is a grown woman now,
So much damage was done
But family members don’t want to know,
As denial and silencing her means she is done

The young girl’s warrior inside remains
As she is with family members,
who know the story that forever remains
Still not having her back, she remembers

That’s all for now we need to know.
If you are going through this,
please know, you will thrive and grow.
You know the truth, and your truth was criminally dismissed.

I hear your silent cries,
for someone to validate you.
I hear your warrior spirit cries.
I hear you. I believe you.

Keep telling your story as much as you can,
as you get your story out to be seen.
You see, hiding you may be their plan, but, your warrior inside will be seen.

Peaceful rest to you, I wish.
You are so strong and wise.
You know the truth and you will not be dismissed.
I hear your battle cries.

The warrior inside is alive …

~ Peaceful Hearts Rise

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