Faith not fear guides her way.

Usually when I’m stuck in bed for days or I’m bored in the night, because I can’t sleep, my mind wanders to the dark side. But sometimes, every once in awhile, it takes me on a tour of all my blessings.

If I had the choice to be healthy, but it meant giving up the people in my life, I’d keep my illness.

When you get seriously ill, it’s like the sky falls on the life you thought you’d have. Everything changes in an instant. None of it is easy & I know this will sound crazy, but a few really great things happen as well.

I see more clearly, how precious life is. I no longer take things for granted. People, moments, time, love, everything matters more.

I appreciate the sacrifices my loved ones make to help me have my best life. My family & friends become everything. Making memories with the people I love is at the top of my priority list.

A few of my blessings.

When my life gets out of control, I find joy in helping others. Giving with no recognition. Finding what someone needs and making it happen. Creating smiles for others when I can’t find my own.

I am more compassionate to other’s plights. I have a new understanding of what they may be going through. I listen more & instead of trying to fix everything, I allow them to find their way. All while making sure they know, they are not alone.

More blessings. I’m so lucky.

It’s funny to think that good things could come from such a painful existence. But they really do! If we can cling to even the smallest of blessings it helps keep us sane, relevant & wanting to be alive through whatever life throws at us!

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