…and then there’s a brief moment of light & it fuels your soul. You’re ready to continue the battle.

When you get hit with an illness that wreaks havoc on your life, it also effects everyone who loves you. This is when you find out who you can really count on.

I am constantly telling people how blessed I am when it comes to friendships. My friends are the best!!

True friendship is a lifeline to hope. Friends can help ease the burden you feel you put on your family. They help without you asking.

It’s the little things, like my friends that bring me potatoes. Not because I need them, but because I like them. Even when I can’t eat, I appreciate those potatoes. That one gesture means everything to me. Especially when I’m having my darkest of days. Funny thing, sometimes I just open the fridge and look at the potatoes I can’t eat. Because it’s a reminder that I am not alone. I’m reminded that my friends are one call away. Do I call? No. But I know that I can & that’s enough to carry me through.

It’s always 5 o’clock with my wine, margaritas & potatoes, friend. 😉

My friends don’t judge, when I just want to hate the world or wallow in self pity, mourning the life I dreamt of having.

Real friends, hold your hand, stay with you, help you clean the mess you’ve made, they let you sort through your emotions, and don’t say a word, they smile & fight for you when you haven’t the strength.

There are times when you make plans & you’re looking forward to having some fun. Sometimes these are the moments when our bodies decide to be complete assholes. It sucks to sit and watch everyone dancing and partying. I love to dance. I thought I’d be dancing until I died. But Sclero stole that dream from me also. When I am able to dance, I pay the price for days & even weeks.

One time, when I was stuck on the sidelines watching everyone else dance, my friend said, “hell no, you’re dancing”!! She pulled my chair out onto the dance floor . Then she grabbed a chair and we danced in those chairs all night. Other friends joined us with their chairs. It’s one of my best memories.

Chair dancing fun!

I know I have the best people as friends. Because only the best stick with you when you’re sick. It takes genuine, kind & loyal people to stand by someone who requires special assistance to do just about anything. Thank God for these people, my friends.

I choose to dance.

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