I had a doctors appointment today.

Nothing special, just a follow up appointment. I’m not sure why but something struck me & I got to thinking. I know that I am often treated rudely by people. But many times, things like this happen and I don’t even notice. Not because they don’t matter. It’s just that they happen so often, I’ve become used to it.

On this day, I had to go by myself. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Sometimes I’m just feeling up to it and want to go alone. But when I’m alone I can’t use my transport chair. So I borrow one at the office. At this particular office they’re big, really big!

I wheel myself down the hallway, I call it the green mile, because it’s so long, empty and dreary. I get to the office door and use my cane to push the auto door button. Then I bang myself off the door jamb getting into the office. It’s a tight corner.

Once I’m in the office I reach up to the window thats waaaaaay to high for anyone in a wheelchair to see. I finish checking in and try to find a spot out of the way.

When they call my name the nurse watches me bounce off the walls with the wheelchair. This goes on for several minutes as I try to cut the tight corners and follow her. When she finally offers me help, it’s not because she wants to help me. It’s because I’m holding her up from whatever it is she needs to do.

Maybe they should ride a mile in my chair…

It’s really disappointing some days to see how some people treat you, just because you’re disabled. I’ve been stepped over, been stepped on, nearly had my chair flipped, had my cane knocked out of my hand, been pushed, been ignored, been talked to like a child, been leaned on, had stuff piled on me, had my wheelchair kicked, & about a million other things that are beyond rude.

There are people that genuinely want to help you. People that won’t even bother to help you. Then you have people like this nurse, who help you only to serve their own needs.

I’m a human being with feelings, just trying to get through this life, like everyone else.

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