Anyone who has battled a chronic illness, knows the struggle of fighting for answers.

You are treated crazy, talked to like a child & totally disregarded. Oftentimes the doctors don’t even try to hide their disbelief. It’s disheartening trying to be heard and no one is listening.

They blow you off because they think it’s a mental health problem, not a physical health problem. But so what if it was a mental health issue? You would still require care. It’s the 21st century folks, let’s get with the program! There is some validation when they realize they were wrong & you can see the attitude shift.

Here I go back into the darkness.
It sucks to constantly have doctors let you slip through the cracks..

So you fight or not. It depends on the situation & the strength you have to keep going. Then it happens, the way the doctors, nurses and staff treat you is different, something is up. It’s subtle at first. But over time you start to sense a change in their level of compassion.

Your doctors go from questioning the reality of your symptoms, to knowing from your tests results something is seriously wrong. No one comes out and says it yet. There’s no definitive diagnosis. But they know where the results are leading & it’s not good. You sense it a little more each time you go to an appointment. They treat you like they feel sorry for you.

When discussing things, they are calm & compassionate. They may have a solemn look on their face, maybe they place their hand on your shoulder, they lower the tone of their voice, etc…

Either way, you know something is seriously wrong.

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