When you have a chronic illness or disability everything is more difficult.

If you can’t find a glimmer of humor in your day to day struggles, you’ll remain in those cracks the world let you fall into forever. Your entire life will be overshadowed by the darkness.

This has to be what I look like
trying to put my jeans on. 😂
I love making others smile. I love laughing.

Happiness takes effort when you’re ill. We must be warriors who laugh in the face of the darkness our illnesses/disabilities bring. We must battle the demons our bodies bring into our lives.

Snap, crackle, pop, let the day begin!
The reality of this is uncanny & yet I can still laugh at the ridiculousness of it.

People tell be all the time, that I’m hilarious. I’ll tell you a secret. The harder I am trying to make you laugh, the worse I’m feeling. I’m trying to find my smile, by making you smile.

A positive attitude is important when you live with a chronic illness. But it’s not going to cure you.
It’s ok to have shitty days, when you just

don’t want to be positive.

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