My husband is amazing. Now don’t get me wrong, after 34 years we can annoy the 🤬 out of each other! But without him, I could not do this.

It takes a Saint to love someone with a chronic incurable disease. I don’t know what’s above sainthood, but that’s what it takes to not only love them, but still see your partner as beautiful. I know this because David sees me 1000 times better than I see myself.

He still calls me and asks me out on dates. He plans little getaways for the two of us. He’s become a master at navigating my medical necessities, limited mobility & frustrations, when it comes to traveling. The last surprise was an overnight shopping trip.

Off on a weekend adventure.

Even though it’s one night, I need my medical supplies. I can fill a suitcase just with the supplies I will need to maintain my healthcare the next 24-32 hours. There’s medications, nutrition and supplies for my feeding tube, catheter supplies, etc…that all must go with me.

Next there’s a number of issues to consider. How far do I need to walk? Is the hotel handicap accessible? Where will we eat? Do they offer gluten free? Will David be able to push my wheelchair everywhere? So many things to consider for such a short getaway.

Everywhere we go I require assistance. There are places that say they are handicap friendly. But a majority of the time they’re not really accessible without assistance. I could not get in & out of these places alone. As far as getting around once inside, it’s like being on The Gladiators. I have to push stuff out of the way, run over stuff, and bang off a lot of walls to get through. David’s my hero for never leaving me to fend for myself. He’s right there helping me through.

I could not love anyone more. I don’t believe
there is anyone who could make me feel
loved the way he does.

After we get everything organized, we head off on our adventure. I treasure these alone times with David. They don’t happen as often as we’d like.

We had so much fun. There were several places we couldn’t go into with my wheelchair. That was disappointing. David does offer to carry me inside. But I don’t want to give my money to a place that’s not handicap friendly.

We had a really great time and I felt pretty good overall. Looking forward to our next getaway!

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