It’s hard to fight, an unknown enemy, when you don’t have a diagnosis, really hard!

Once you have a diagnosis, you can find support from people going through the same thing. You can research different treatments, doctors, medications, diets & holistic options to fight the disease. You have a clear enemy and you can prepare appropriately for the battle ahead.

After getting my diagnosis, I studied up on the disease. When I realized how little research is really being done, I wanted to help. I found out about the Stepping Out To Cure Scleroderma Walks, & I wanted in!!

In 2019, I created Team Shining Stars, a team for the Hardy Mainers Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Walk. I never expected to raise so much money! It was a last minute thrown together campaign on my part, as I had learned about the walk late. My team did amazing & we had fun at the walk.



Fast forward to 2020 & because of the pandemic, the walk was virtual. I wasn’t expecting to do incredibly well, considering it was virtual. However, Team Shining Stars kicked butt! They raised almost $4000 for the Hardy Mainers Stepping Out To Cure Scleroderma Walk. We more than doubled last years total. It’s only our second year & I’m so proud of them. The fact that it had to be a virtual walk this year, did not slow them down!

We’ve been walking staggered over a few days so far. I’m walking not using my wheelchair, so it’ll take me awhile to finish. But I’m determined! Just a few pictures, team members have sent me, from Maine to Michigan!



That brings us to this year, 2021. Again they couldn’t hold a large group walk because of the pandemic. But they did allow each team to do their own walk. That is exactly what Team Shining Stars did! What a beautiful day with friends & family. Team Shining Stars is the best! I’m so grateful to everyone who raised money & everyone who walked!! We didn’t beat last years total, but there’s always next year!


If you’d like to donate to help fund Scleroderma research, please use this link & thank you!


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