When my husband Michael and I were married on April 20, 2002, we thought our lives would be perfect.

When I Still Believed in Fairytales

Within two years of being married, we bought our dream home and we had our son Jacob on February 15. 2004. My life seemed wonderful. I was loving my personal life and professional life as a 4th grade teacher. Then I turned 30 and my life changed, or as I often say,”turned into my personal Hell.”

My birth defects in my hips and spine were identified, surgeries began to pile up, and I was forced to retire. As the years progressed, I began to see specialists who had no idea what to do for me. Finally, I was identified as having many markers of hEDS, so they began treating me as if I do even though they can’t say indefinitely what I suffer from. They can’t explain why I swell, why my body turns colors, why my tissues eat themselves and bones refuse to heal. My perfect life I thought would be my happily ever after is gone. I have my sad moments, a lot and often. But instead of hiding and burning my head, I am happier to use my stories and strength to fight and educate others about living with a chronic illness. To join forces support one another, and look for answers.


  1. You are not alone my dear friend. We all carry the burden of sadness, pain, suffering, especially ones like you and me whose own bodies turn against them. It’s an uphill task. But don’t lose hope. Keep sharing and inspiring 💖💖


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