When anxiety and PTSD are triggered, doctors suggest weighted blankets. I have the best weighted blanket.

Due to my EDS, pars defects, spina bifida, and bilateral hip dysplasia, I have suffered many dislocations. From these traumatic experiences, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and PTSD.

Anyone with anxiety knows it is a monster that can erupt at any moment. When added to chronic pain, anxiety and/or PTSD your mind and body go into overdrive and you feel like an entirely different person.

If my hips or back tweak I begin to panic. Snow puts me on edge knowing a simple slip could mean a broken bone, so I get upset and hide inside. When I try to complete an easy task at home, but my body prevents me, my stress rises higher and faster than the elevator on the CN Tower. I want to yell, I want to scream, I cry, and I find I take out my anger on those who truly did nothing wrong.

My pain psychiatrist recommended a weighted blanket. I bought one, but I returned it quickly. Three years ago, I received a Goldendoodle who was trained in PTSD. Now when I feel anxious, all it takes is laying down and my “weighted blanket,” covers me in kisses, warms me up, and lays on me, (or next to me), his weight, warmth, and heartbeat bringing me comfort.

To anyone with anxiety or PTSD, I do suggest a weighted blanket, or if possible, a loving always present “weighted blanket,” who knows that love and comfort is what you need at that moment.

Feeling my stress but protecting my new hip.

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