LET’S GO BACK PART IV: Starting The Diagnosis Process All Over Again

When that doctor disregarded me once again, I had no fight left. I crashed & I crashed hard.

I went off all my meds and fell into a deep depression. I was so sick going from 24 pills a day to zero. I do not recommend this method!

All of this medical stuff had triggered my PTSD. I was a mess. I cut off everyone & stayed in bed. I didn’t want to do any of this anymore. That damn doctor almost broke me. But I recognized this and refused to let him take me out.

It took months before I’d even see a therapist. Then I worked with her for over a year before I was ready to go back to seeing a doctor and dealing with my health issues. But I put in the work & my husband helped me tremendously!

I was so sick. I couldn’t eat & I was throwing up more. I was losing weight fast. I went under 100lbs & realized I needed to take control of my healthcare back from my doctors.

I went to see my GI doctor. He did a ton of tests. I really liked my GI doctor. He was intelligent, kind, & attentive. He genuinely cared about getting his patients better.

He did a barium swallow test which showed no movement in my esophagus. He did an endoscopy & took biopsies. The results showed a high count of eosinophils & markers for celiac disease. After the test results came in, he referred me to another GI who specialized in the esophagus.

More visits, more tests, here we go again.

“Your test results are perplexing”.

The new doctor was nice enough. He diagnosed me with Gastroparesis & Achalasia. Gastroparesis is when your stomach doesn’t function properly. It doesn’t empty as it should. Achalasia is when the esophagus doesn’t push the food down into the stomach.

He decides the best course of action is to try Botox injections into my esophagus. So that’s what we did. Holy hell it was a painful healing. Days went by & we realized, not only did it not work, it made it worse!

He decides I need to go to Boston and meet with a rare disease team. Find out once and for all, what is causing all of this. So that is what I do.

In this picture I am 102lbs. At this point my husband holds me up for pictures. These are 3 of my angels that remind me to keep fighting.

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