LET’S GO BACK PART V: The Results Are In

My husband & I journey 2 1/2 hours to Lahey Hospital for my 1000th, “second opinion”.

I’m scared, I’m pissed, I feel like one doctor after another has let me slip through the cracks. Let me tell you, it’s damn dark down there!

I meet with a gastroenterologist at Lahey hospital. She’s concerned about my weight. I once again have to hear, “you need to consider a feeding tube”.

How about no. I’m not getting anything done until they figure out what’s causing all this. I want a diagnosis before anymore procedures!

She’s ok with that and sends me for more tests.

Every doctor should remove, “hang in there…”, from their vocabulary.

Test results #4328 lead them back to scleroderma. I’m going to another Rheumatologist right there at Lahey.

Results are in. I have Systemic Sclerosis, a.k.a. Scleroderma. My Dr is amazing and she is helping me coordinate everything. It’s become so difficult for me to deal with to many medical things at once. They say I have PTSD because of all the health failures.

She warned me the doctors, tests, visits, procedures & meds would be coming & changing fast & furious! She didn’t lie.

My experience at Lahey was overwhelming, but very encouraging also. The entire staff works together, they are always kind, informative, supportive, oh how I could go on & on. They are reassuring and my hope is reignited.

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