LET’S GO BACK PART VI: Another Appointment, Another Diagnosis

I meet again, with the Lahey Rheumatologist, she will now be my primary doctor for my Systemic Sclerosis.

First stop, ct scan & echo. Have to check my lungs and heart. I’m just hoping they can help me with this conscious feeling like I need to remind myself to breathe.

We go over the results of the tests she ordered. Apparently my heart & lungs need further investigation. I will be meeting with a pulmonologist & cardiologist at Lahey.

We also discussed nutrition and a feeding tube. She directly asked me, what she could do, to help me feel ready to move forward on my feeding tube. I’m sent to nutritionist & back to Lahey gastroenterologist.

I will also be going to OT for paraffin treatments to help my puffy & painful hands. She diagnosis me with Raynaud’s Syndrome. Oh look another big medical term added to the growing list.

She also diagnoses me with Sjögren’s Syndrome. It affects the moisture our bodies make. Our tears, saliva, eyes, skin, all are extremely dry. Now we can add another syndrome to the list.

I’m so thin, I’m 5’7 & just under 100lbs.
I was trying to be funny.
But I look so sick. I just look creepy.

My amazing Rheumy, explains what’s next. I will have to see some other doctors & have more tests. Shocking! 🙀 I leave knowing I’ll be back there soon. It’s odd, but I’m not panicking about this. Which is a ginormous victory!!!!

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