LET’S GO BACK PART VII: Waiting On Insurance

“It’s such a web that’s weaved. Each individual silk line slowly forming a web that those with an illness must live within”

Lahey hospital called and based on my test results, the pulmonologist & cardiologist both want to see me.

First up, the pulmonologist. It looks like my O2 is dropping with exertion. Which everything even breathing feels like exertion to me.

He wants to put me on O2. Well buckle up because nothing is that easy. This time the road block is my insurance. They won’t pay. They want another test, first.

They don’t care how stressful this is for me, the patient, their customer, one of millions who contribute to their livelihood. Insurance should not dictate our healthcare. But they absolutely and without compassion or regard, decide who gets what they need.

I end up going back the 2 1/2 hour drive for a 15 min test. I pass. Insurance says no. I get no oxygen. I could take this same test 10 times. 7/10 would be bad. Of course I am having a great day, the day of this test! I’m so frustrated. This time it’s my insurance company that leaves me alone down in the darkness.

There are a few things that will be monitored. I will not need to see the pulmonologist right off. Unless my rheumy sees any changes with my lungs that need to be addressed.

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