For two nights in a row, I’ve had terrible flares.

It’s different than anything I’ve had before. It comes in fast & it’s from my lower jaw to just above my stomach, right down my center. It feels like it’s so tight and numb, like a spasm. It’s so bad. It passes within 20-30 mins. It’s awful.

It happens after I try to eat something. I’m getting worried that eating even a little is becoming impossible. Turns out it’s my Gastroparesis flaring.

What is GP?

I never realized how much of our lives revolve around food. Very few social engagements do not include food. We are obsessed with food. Food, food, foooooood!


You can’t avoid food. It’s everywhere. It’s overwhelming. I have learned to carry around a plate of food &/or a drink at social events, so people don’t keep offering me food.

I don’t want to miss out on making memories,
just because an event involves food. 🖤

Some people stop inviting you to lunch, drinks, & events. They don’t think you’ll want to go when you can’t eat. Or they are uncomfortable eating when you can not. Life with GP can be isolating.

There are times I can’t eat or drink. Other times I can eat & drink a little. There are even rare times, when I can do both at a normal amount. Without any invites,
I guess I’ll have to drink alone 😉

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