Through all my battles, including infusions, I never would have imagined that a body could get this tired.

I’m flipping exhausted. Everything I do takes double the amount of energy, then it did when I was healthy.

Today My only goal was to buy shorts for a trip. I went to several stores with no luck. I was so tired, that I finally decided I was done, no more stores. I knew I needed shorts. So instead of leaving I went to the kids section to see if they had any. Sure enough I got a pair in size 14 kids.

The point is, I would’ve loved to have been able to shop all day looking for the shorts I wanted. But I ended up with the first pair that fit me, on my way out the door.

I get up and I’m full of hope and excitement on my best of days. I take my shower, I recuperate. I try to eat, I recuperate. I try to do a few things around the house. Not happening, I’m exhausted so I rest some more. I prepare to work on whatever goal I’ve set for this day. I do my best to complete the task. It’s rare I can finish what I wanted to. Guess what I do next. I RECUPERATE…

As always tomorrow will bring another full day of expectations. I will keep the fact that I am exhausted to myself and push on. But it’s getting noticeably more difficult to hide how exhausted I really am.

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