This damn pandemic.

Just when it looks like things are going back to normal, we take 5 steps backwards. Since it’s on my mind let me tell you what it’s been like through my eyes.

“When did it become acceptable to comfort the public by reassuring them that “Hey, you’re not the one who might die”?

Is anyone else frustrated with all the jokes about it only being the old and weak that will die?” 😒

“It sucks to feel disregarded as one of the “elderly and immunocompromised”, like we don’t matter. It’s ok if we die!”

In the beginning, being immunocompromised meant isolating at home and watching everyone else go about their days. It was hard. But we did it so we were safe. So I was safe.

But then things got worse and just about everyone was stuck at home. They closed schools & businesses. Most folks could still go into a grocery store if they chose. They could see other humans face to face in person. Other than my husband, granddaughter, my son & his family, I had zero in person contact with anyone for months.

Every hug means so much more now.

But despite it all, the isolation, Lysol, masks, hand sanitizer & a million other precautions, we still had to be tested before any in person procedures or appointments. That’s when they allowed in person. Mostly we saw our doctors virtually.

Every time we had to be tested, the fear grew like a sunflower growing at warp speed in summer. My anxiety level was insanely high. Not because I was afraid we’d die. But because a positive result, meant isolating even more! Never mind that maybe you’d be hospitalized. Then I would have all the thoughts of did I give it to someone else.

Thank God we are good right now. I am blessed with those around me and the sacrifices they’re still making to keep us safe. I pray this ends soon. It’s been 1 year since this began.

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