Ever been on the prescription carousel? 🎠

1 week locked and loaded.

It’s super fun. It goes something like this…

You need a refill.

You call it in to the pharmacy.

You have no more refills.

You call the rheumatologist’s office.

You can’t get a new prescription.

You need to see the new Rheumy that replaced your old Rheumy.

You did not know your old Rheumy left.

You can’t get an appointment with new Rheumy.

You need a referral.

You can’t get a referral.

You need a new PCP, yours retired.

You didn’t know she left already.

You talk new Rheumy into filling the script by making an appointment.

You get a message from new Rheumy.

You need labs before he’ll refill script.

You go get labs.

You still can’t get script, your insurance is being a bitch.

On and on, round and round you go.

Worst carousel ride ever.

Lord have mercy & get me off this devil’s merry-go-round.

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